Cutaway Re-pinnable Euro Lock with 6 Extra Pins

Cutaway Re-pinnable Euro Lock with 6 Extra Security Pins
SKU: Repin 6 Euro + 6

Cutaway 6 Pin **Re-Pinnable**Euro Cylinder Practice Lock
Fitted with 6 standard pins and including 6 extra security pins



This is a brand new, solid brass, 6 pin Euro cylinder practice lock, fitted with 6 standard pins.


Also included are 6 security spool pins, to allow you to re-pin this lock into any combination of pins that you choose.


This is an ideal lock to have in your collection, as it allows you to  start with one plain pin, then you can add the pins as you develop your skills.


When you have mastered the art of opening the lock with the plain pins, you can then start re-pinning the lock with the security pins.

The lock has been cut and machined to a very high standard to expose the inner workings of the lock, enabling you to see the pins, springs and the shear line.  The shear line is where the two sets of pins line up to allow the lock to open. (Being able to view this is very important when learning how to manipulate a lock)Some poorer quality cutaway locks that are offered for sale are only machined across the springs, which does not allow you to see the shear line..... This one does !!

These locks are precision engineered to ensure that the springs and pins cannot fall out of the lock with normal handling. This lock comes with one key.

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